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I Guess this is Where it Begins

August 28, 2016


Before I get into my story, the reason we are all here, I should probably let you guys know a little about myself, right? I'm LaShondra Cherry (bka Cherry Poppins). Originally, I'm from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I moved to Passaic, New Jersey in 2001, then to Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania in 2008. I attended East Stroudsburg University from 2010 to 2016. I walked out that joint 2 degrees hotter with a Master's of Education in Instructional Technology (which I'm super proud of btw). I do a podcast with my two friends JayOmega and Syer called "The Officially Street Podcast" which drops a new episode every Friday (so make sure ya'll check that out). I hosted a radio show at ESU for 4 years called Heart2Heart. Towards the end of my time on that station I got really big on doing interviews, so I'm kind of popular with upcoming artists in that area. I can't sing, but I love to sing. My favorite thing to do on earth is to talk. I. Love. To. Talk. I will talk your head off until no tomorrow. I think I'm pretty funny and I make jokes about everything. I'm super positive, kind hearted, warm, fluffy, and super happy, always happy... ALWAYS HAPPY. That is the one thing I love most about myself. 


So that's me and here's my life. I graduated from college Dec 10, 2016 and had a job lined up at T Mobile in Philadelphia. I was set to start Jan 9th (or something like that). I have a couple friends who work there and they were like "Cherry, you would be so good at this job. You are really personable, you have an awesome personality, in Philly you can do radio and you can make stacks at T Mobile!" So I'm like okay, bet. I moved to Philly with my two friends who stay in Manayunk. They were like, stay as long as you need. In my head I'm like "I'm only going to need a month". Boi. I was completely mistaken. So, from Jan to March I was working maybe 45 hours a week between T Mobile and Sally Beauty. I low key suck at sales and sally was paying me in peanuts so me leaving my friends crib was just not realistic at all. Don't get me wrong, I was super happy. I just felt like I wasn't progressing in life. So, March 22nd I was like "Okay Shondra. You have an expensive ass piece of paper at home, you need to use it because this just isn't working out for you too well". I applied to about 15 jobs that day. The next day I got a call from a job for a pre-phone screen. Then the next day (Friday) we had a real phone interview. Then they asked me to come in Monday for a face to face interview. God works in mysterious ways because I happened to be off from both of my jobs that Monday too. So yeah, I go in for the face to face interview at 12, they called me back a 2pm to tell me I got the job. I'm like oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm basically a grown-up now! I have my first grown up job with real money and all these benefits! 


I started my new job as an Instructional Designer on April 10th. I love my job so much btw. I think I'm going to work there forever. So yea, I started April 10th. May 1st I moved into my cute little studio apartment in West Philly. May 1st was also the first day that my medical insurance kicked in. May 5th was the first day that my wisdom tooth decided to wild out. I was at T Mobile and out of nowhere my tooth on the right started hurting so bad. It hurt so bad it went up to my ear and to my temple. Now luckily, I had my brand new insurance so I'm like, let me go to the dentist to get these babies out and I'll be home free. I called the dentist and they said they couldn't get me in for a week. I said okay, that's fine, whatever. So the whole week went by and I'm still in pain. Then one day, a few days before I went to the dentist, I was driving on the highway from the Poconos and I decided to look in the rear view mirror at my tooth and what I saw on the roof of my mouth was something skazy. It basically looked like a frog throat on the top of my mouth. It didn't hurt though. It didn't irritate me at all. I just ignored it because I'm thinking oh its a part of the infection I probably have from my wisdom tooth.  


A week later I finally make it to the dentist. As soon as I opened my mouth the dental assistant was like "yep, you need your wisdom teeth out". I said, yeah but look at the roof of my mouth. I guess she didn't hear me because when the dentist came in he ignored that there was a lump on the roof of my mouth. So I was just like "Forget the teeth really quickly, just real quick. Can you examine the roof of my mouth? Like what is that?" He looked at it and said "Oh wow, I have never seen that before. We're going to get you into a surgery consultation". So I said okay cool, let's do this.  


Long story short I left there with an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out in two weeks. They prescribed me antibiotics and once I started taking them all of the pain went away. For the mean time anyway...






























































































































































































































































































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