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It's Show Time Pt. 2

August 15, 2017


I woke up on July 3rd energized and ready to go. I couldn't eat breakfast and my hair was already done so it was so easy for me to get dressed.  I had to be at Fox Chase by 10AM so we left the house around 9:15 (you know old people always want to be early for stuff).  I got to the hospital and I checked in.  Then coming from the check-in counter my Mom, sister & brother ran into me in the hallway. My brother had some flowers for me. They were SO pretty. I was so happy about them. So we then had to walk to the pre-surgery unit (I totally just made that name up). We were rollin deep in this hospital btw. Me, my mom, my grandma, my aunt, and my brother & sister. Shortly after my good friend Oke came too. I felt my stomach getting nervous, omg I have to poop! So I went poop and while I was in the bathroom I took my contact lenses out and my nipple rings.  I took some pictures with my family (why do black people always take pictures in bad situations?), posted on IG saying how I'm slaying this surgery, and then they called me back.


"Take off all of your clothes and put this gown on and the socks" so I did that. Then they came back, asked me some questions, and then my mom came back. We had to think of a plan of timing for people to come back to see me. I told her to send my dad first. The doctor came back to take my blood and put a stupid IV in my hand. I was like hold up wait till my dad gets back here.  So he came back and I was like "dad I hate when they take blood and its all your fault." He was like what? Then I told him the story about the lady pricking me for 9 million hours and he laughed.  I'm glad he did because even though this was a not so pleasing situation, I'm happy I could make him smile.  My dad left then I had him send Oke back. We made jokes and then he left. Then my grandma and aunt val came. THEY ARE SO FUNNY! First off, my grandma is the funniest person on earth, no doubt about it. You could only have one person back at a time. But my grandma acted like she needed help walking and it was hilarious. Then I had my cousin Kiana come back. Now I had talked to her earlier that morning. I told her that as soon as I get out of surgery to put my nipple rings back in because they close so easily. I would be on drugs so I wouldn't feel it if she forced them back through.  So we talked about that and then my surgeon came. He seemed the happiest I have ever seen him. Now there was one question I had wanted to ask him before but I couldn't gear myself up to it. I was glad he was there and my cousin was there because she could. 


"So what about oral sex? Can she have that?" He said "Well did you do it before?". "No I mean can she give oral sex?" He said "Yeah it'll be smooth in there". I almost fell out. Because I had wanted to ask that question from the rip but was too embarrassed. I'm glad I got the answer though. 


Then my step mom (god bless her heart, shes so sweet) came back and brought my two youngst siblings.  At that moment I wanted to cry. My brother is three, he doesn't know what's going on and my sister is like 10, so she knows and I just felt like I was breaking her heart being in that hospital bed. Like I know it wasn't my fault that this was happening to me but it was my fault. At some point in my life I was doing something wrong which caused this tumor to come. After she left, my mom came back and we talked for a little, then it was show time.


I gave my mom my glasses and they rolled me away. It sucks that I couldn't see anything  because if I didn't see it, it didn't happen. All I remember next is them taking me to a room. They asked if I wanted some gas in my IV to calm me down (even though nothing about me at this point was nervous. I trusted my surgeon 100 percent) I said "yeah, shoot me up". Then they asked me to get on the operating table. As I was transferring myself I saw my surgeon looking at a screen. I said "see this is why I need my glasses I want to be in the mix. What is that black dot you're looking at on the screen? Is that my tumor?"


The next thing I know I'm opening my eyes and my surgeon is saying "you did great".



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