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Metro Boomin' !

August 15, 2017


My surgeon woke me up telling me I did great but I went right back to sleep after that.  Then he came back in the room and woke me up again. Well I was already awake, but my head was metro boomin in that bit! He asked me if I was okay and I was like these nurses talk too much they are giving me a headache I need drugs. So I told the nurses I had a headache and one of those ladies was like "well don't we all". I WISH I had the energy to go off on her, I WIIIISSSHHHHHH. That was so rude! Like I just got a huge piece of my mouth taken out and that's how you respond?! So that was when I was like get me out of here, I need my room. 


They took me to my room and I don't remember much, but I remember there being so much commotion. They asked me to stand up and get in my bed and I'm thinking "are ya'll serious"? I did it though. Then a swarm of people came into my room and I just heard so much talking and then I had enough. "Dad. I. Need. Drugs". 


"She needs medicine, can we get her some medicine?!". The nurse came shortly after that and put some drugs in my IV. Then my good friend  who came all the way from Maryland walked through the door. And you know what I did? I went to sleep. There was no way on earth that I was going to be able to keep my eyes open and I felt SO bad. 


"BANG, BOOM, BAM!" That was the sound of my head at 3 o'clock in the morning. The nurse came in the room because she heard it too! Lol, jk. She came in the room because when I'm sleeping I can't wake up for anything and I was moaning and groaning something crazy. I also had to pee, which I hadn't done since 10AM AND  they had me hooked up to an IV for that whole time.  The nurse told me to go in this little toilet thing, I was so mad about that. I'm like I got surgery on my mouth not my legs, I can walk lady. I did what she asked me to do though. As much as I make it seem like I wasn't listening to the people in the hospital, I was. I just had a lot to say in my head.  


The next four days were horrible. When you stay in the hospital they don't let you sleep AT ALL. They came in every 15 minutes messing with me and I was so annoyed. The worst part was when they woke me up at 4AM, on two separate occasions to take blood. I'm not going to lie, I caught a whole attitude that time. "It's 4AM, y'all really gotta do this right now? I don't even like giving blood. Why are you even taking blood, the surgery is over like I'm good". Just writing about it is giving me an attitude right now. 


I was in the hospital 5 days, that was because I'm so stubborn. They wanted me to consume 2000 calories before I left and I just didn't really want to do that. 1, I'm not really a fan of fake food like ensure. 2, I had stitches on the roof of my mouth and it made it so much harder to swallow. I didn't even want to drink water. The moral of the story is, I hated my time at the hospital and I was glad when I finally made it home to my bed to relax. But not really, because I was working from home and I had a million doctor's appointments that week.  

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