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The Happiest Day of My Life

August 15, 2017


July 13th, 2017. My 26th birthday. I woke up and I had this really good feeling. Of course I was showered with kind words and messages but idk, I was really happy. I had, had my obturator for a couple days now and my speech was getting better and better by the day. That was the first day that I actually got dressed, like did my hair, slicked my baby hair and all that. Not to mention I was 15lbs down so my clothes fit so well. 


I had speech therapy that day. I went in there thinking she was going to show me how to talk correctly again or maybe how to swallow. No. Not at all. She told me that I had to eat more. Eat, eat, eat. You need to eat. She tried to have me eat a graham cracker and I was like um no, chalk that, this hurts. I ate the apple sauce, and drank the water, SUPER slowly though. She also told me stretches that I need to do to make sure my mouth doesn't heal closed up. The last thing she told me was to eat real food. So we set off to Boston Market. I figured I could eat the soft stuff like mac and cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. I also went to Chipotle and got some guacamole. I could NOT eat the guac. It was so thick it got caught on the roof of my mouth and I was straining to get it down. 


That day my good friend Jojo came over, my friend Kris, Shakira, and Kate all came over. I felt sooo loved. I also think that getting dressed and doing my hair made a difference too. They knew what they were talking about when they said "if you look good you feel good". 


I think this was the happiest day of my life because I received so many positive messages, so many prayers went up for a speedy recovery, and this was the first day that I felt like myself. Now I couldn't eat or drink really and my speech was all the way messed up but I accepted that, that was me and I was finally okay with it.



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