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The Show Got on The Road, Way Fast

August 15, 2017


We left off with me meeting with my oncologist. He broke down all the steps to cancer treatment for this type of cancer. I had made appointments for me to get my MRI & CT scan done. That was set for the next week. 


The one thing that I promised myself was that I was still going to live my regular life. So I was still hanging out with friends, working my two jobs, and doing my podcast. I hadn't talked about it on the podcast yet. I wasn't ready to make it a public thing. I'm like low-key (high key) a celebrity and I just wasn't ready for that type of attention. That's another reason why I didn't post about it on social media. I didn't want my phone blowing up all day every day with people being worried and scared. I wasn't acting worried (even though I was) or scared (even though I was) so I didn't want people to end up making me feel that way. 


So that afternoon after seeing the oncologist, when I got back to work I received a phone call from the dentist office about making the appointment to get my molds of my mouth done.  This was a Friday, we had it scheduled for Tuesday. I'm thinking "wow everything is moving super fast". I asked the lady on the phone how soon they normally get patients in for surgery she said pretty fast. *gulp* Shit. I was not ready. 


Let's fast forward to getting my molds done. First off I just want to give a shout out to my job. They are the real MVPs. Any time I have a doctors appointment or anything they let me leave work and come back. I am so grateful for that. Anyways, I left work to go get my molds done. The office is at Temple Dental School on the corner of Broad & Allegheney. So, I got there and I waited over an hour to see the doctor. I was so shitty because I was bored and I didn't have service in that place. When they finally called me back I was relieved. 


Now my dentist is this cute little old man. You can tell he's been doing this for a long time. He has me sit in the chair and he looks at my mouth. He asks me about my wisdom teeth extractions and then we get to the good part. Making the molds. I was SO emotional doing this because little did I know I have a peculiar shaped mouth. My bottom jaw is too small so he had to use a kids mold for it because the regular one hurt so bad. The roof of my mouth goes way up so he had to put extra wax on the mold to make it fit. Also, I have difficulties opening my mouth wide. He was fighting with me that whole visit. It was so overwhelming I started crying. Not a big cry, just tears running down my face. I was so relieved when the visit was over. I knew he and I would end up being best friends though because I'll have to go to him to get my obturator adjusted every couple weeks. At this point I was just devastated about my life. I'm going to have a huge hole in my head where I could put my finger up my nose. I'll have to wear this prosthetic for forever. I'll be missing three teeth. Like what the fuck is life!? Omg I was so devastated leaving that doctors office. But I composed myself and went back to work like nothing even happened.


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