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The Worst Day of My Life

August 15, 2017



Let me tell ya'll about the worst day of my life. So when I left the hospital I had oil cloth (if you don't know what that is look it up) in my hole on the top of my mouth. It was being held up there with some sutras and I guess just by it being stuffed in the hole. Because this stuff was in my head, I couldnt breathe through my nose. I was so mad about that. First I can't talk right, now you want me to breathe through my mouth at all times. YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME SLOWLY! They also told me I wasn't going to be able to get the packing removed until July 18th. I was SICK. How was I supposed to live like this for 15 days? Luckily they told me that I could get it out that Tuesday. Guys, that Tuesday was the worst day of my life.  

I got to the hospital with my grandma and Kate at 7:20AM and went to find the doctor who was taking my packing out. That was a hassle but he finally came with an assistant. The assistant made me mad because he squirt something up my nose and tells me to breathe it in. I was like dying because it tasted like poison and I couldn't breathe it in. He was kind of yelling it at me like breathe then finally Kate was like "She can't breathe through her nose!". He was like oh... So then the actual doctor tells me to lay down on the table and open my mouth. Now I was having difficulties opening my mouth all the way but he didn't have a problem with it. He went inside of my mouth and cut something, then started pulling the oil cloth out. I closed my eyes. That shit hurt SO bad. It was torture. I started crying. Kate grabbed my hand and my grandma went and started massaging my legs. "It's okay Shondra. You're going to be okay". I was thinking no the eff I'm not! It was like a magic trick. They just kept pulling and pulling, maybe for like two minutes. I was crying and crying. I just wanted it to be over. Then it finally was.


Before I said anything the doctor goes, now if you drink anything it will come out of your nose and you will sound a little nasaly (not really sure how you spell that, but I'm sure you get the point). I said OK. Then I immediately started crying. I SOUNDED LIKE STITCH! I couldn't even understand myself. I was so annoyed. This surgery was supposed to help me, but now I can't talk, I can't eat, I can't drink, I can't sing. Wtf can I do?! The only good thing about this was that I could FINALLY breathe through my nose. 


So we left the doctor's office and headed back over to the dentist for my obturator. They told me we would be there all day, I thought they were joking but they were so serious. We got there at 8:30 AM and didn't leave until 5PM. When we got there they took me straight back. He had my retainer looking piece from when I came the last time and popped it in my mouth. "It fits!" I said. "But I still sound funny". "Well yeah, we have to make the piece to go in the hole. We were making that ALL DAY. It hurt so bad, because my mouth was still tender and I couldn't open my mouth as wide as he wanted.


Finally at the end of the day, they made my piece and you know what? I still sounded bad. The obturator was so uncomfortable and I sounded crazy and I had a lisp. I was high key annoyed. I walked out to the waiting room and Kate says "New mouth, who dis!?" I just shook my head no and started crying. They tried to assure me that it would get better, I wasn't trying to hear it though. That was the LAST thing I was trying to hear.


The nurse told me that I could try to eat solid food that day. I didn't care though. I had no appetite. We got home around 5:30. I walked in and went straight to sleep. For the whole night. I just wanted the worst day of my life to be over.  



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