There's Always That ONE Person

August 15, 2017


Yesterday, August 8th, I don't think I've ever been so mad. I went to go do my Podcast (make sure y'all check that out at and we were having a grand old time. This had been my second time doing the show since the surgery. First off I'm super self conscious about how I sound. I HATE talking to new people. Anyways, I decided to go on Facebook live to talk about how I was detained at the Canadian border for 5 hours (if you want to know about it, you have to listen to the podcast). WHY did someone comment and say I sound deaf. My feelings were so hurt. Why the hell would they make such an insensitive comment like that? Of course my real cousins retaliated but shit! It's like as soon as my confidence got up there about talking he shot it right back down! I go on this podcast and tell them about my journey and try to be positive about it and show that you can live your regular life and he just shot me down. Like who does that? It's like you don't think I know what I sound like? You don't think it's hard for me  every day to communicate? I love to talk. I want to talk for a living and you just going to make fun of my struggle!? Maybe if he didn't know about my surgery but he knew! That's what got me hot. There's always that one person to try and break your positivity. I'm not going to front like it didn't mess me up, because it did. But I need to remember that everybody is not for me and I'm going to move forward regardless. 

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