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The First Week of Hell

September 6, 2017


Actually, I don’t even know why I named this post that. It’s not hell. I should have named it first week of heaven because as of right now its light work. I wake up and go to work. I leave work at 11:30. I go to the cancer center. I take a 20 minute nap. Then I go back to work. What could be better than that?


Jk, let me be serious for once in my life. So, about the first day of radiation, I wasn’t nervous at all. I went to the center and I went to the check in desk. They took my green card & with that they made me a wrist band. They told me that I would have to do this every day that I came there. So, note to self “do not lose your green card”. I went to the waiting room and waited for someone to bring me back. I waited all of 3 minutes then my technician came. He walked me back and told me that I would have to wait in waiting room C every day for them to come get me “noted”. 5 Minutes after that they took me to the room that they would do my treatment in. There were two other technicians in there. Which, btw, they are all soooo nice.


First they had me take my obturator out and put it in a cup.  I had to take out all of my earrings and take my necklace off. I also had to make sure I didn’t have bobby pins in my hair.  Then they told me to lie down. They immediately put my mask on and strapped me in. It was a little uncomfortable because I had my hair in a low side ponytail and the braid was too thick.

So they strapped me in and that’s all I can tell you about the first day because I kept my eyes closed from the moment they put my mask on.

It didn’t hurt or anything.  I told you, I go there and take a nap on the table. This process took all of 30 minutes.


Day two of radiation I took my braid out and that made it MUCH more comfortable. I was in and out of there in 18 minutes.


Day three of radiation was good as well.  I was off the table in 16 minutes. But then I had to wait to see my radiation doctor, so, I didn’t get out of the doctor as quick as I normally would. The meeting with the radiation doctor was typical. They took my weight, asked me how I feel, then sent me on my way.


Day four was easy. All of the days were easy. However I wasn’t in and out because one of the radiation machines was broken so they had to get all of the patients in with one machine. I was there over an hour.


Day 5: Easy. The only issue I have is trying to figure out how to wear my hair so that the mask is comfortable. 


So far I have no side effects from the radiation. The doctors say that they won’t come for about two weeks. Supposedly I’m going to be tired, I’ll probably get sores in my mouth, I’ll lose weight (that’s a positive though), I’ll probably have a lot of pain.  I feel so good right now though, so in my head that stuff isn’t going to happen to me. If it does, it will definitely be tolerable. I am a little nervous about going through the pain. I HATE being in pain. I also hate taking medication so I try to be Wonder Woman and just fight through.


At the end of each post I want to try to give a tip or some encouragement or something to the readers. I thought of something to write about last week and then I forgot, sooooo I want to take this time to thank everyone who has read this blog, shared it, talked about it, talked to me about it. Just thanks for the support. I took a road trip to Indiana this past weekend and I had no idea that so many people were reading my blog! I’m just like wow, this is awesome! That definitely keeps me in good spirits and your mental health is the way to keep your physical health A1.


I guess that could be my tip. PUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH FIRST. I know I am probably the last person to tell someone to take care of themselves (when I just stayed up for a whole weekend and took a road trip then turned around and came to work the next morning), BUT it is very important for you to be sane in the brain.  I am a strong believer of thinking things into existence, so if I thought to myself “uuugghh I’m going to feel so bad during radiation” well guess what, that’s what’s going to happen. Everything is mind over matter. If you don't have a sound mind, you're going to lose it (that's in the bible 2 Timothy 1:7) and everything else for that matter. 


So yeah, metal health first people. And drink water.



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