I Got A Couple Shout Outs

September 12, 2017



I’m going to start off by saying that this post is going to be all over the place and a little long. I apologize, but don’t say I didn’t prepare you.


Prior to my surgery, I was working at T-Mobile and I was standing outside and one of my coworkers came out to check on me. He said how are you feeling? I was like “I don’t want to dieeeeee”. He’s like, okay, Cherry, you aren’t going to die, don’t even think about it like that. You just need to keep a good mindset and you’re gona be straight.” Then my manager, Kory came outside. I hadn’t seen him in like three weeks or something like that so he’s like “What’s going on here? You good, Cherry, what’s up?” I said “I have… adenoid cystic carcinoma”. I wish I could show you guys his face, but then he goes “Cancer?”. I immediately thought “damn he’s smart! How did he know that?”.


Now if anybody knows Kory he’s pretty animated. Like a super positive guy, very understanding, always in a good mood. I wonder if he shows when he’s mad? Anyways, he gets super positive and gives me a hug and he’s like “you’re going to beat this let me show you this video”. Basically the video was this doctor talking about how doctors and surgeons are making money off of patients who have cancer because there are other methods to help with cancer opposed to treatment and surgery. Also, that food companies take the selenium out of our food and if our food wasn’t tampered with, 80 percent of women wouldn’t suffer from breast cancer. Basically long story short he’s like you need to get more selenium in your body. I want to say the next day I went to GNC and I bought a multivitamin powder that you mix with water that has 285 percent of your daily intake of selenium.


The day of my surgery (July 3, 2017), my friend Cedric called me. At first I thought it was a butt dial because he called and then it hung up, but then called again. He had saw my post on IG and I think, he was concerned. Cedric and I aren’t the best of friends, we hadn’t talked in months, but we do go back to like 11th grade. Anyways, he told me this story about how someone close to him had, I believe ovarian cancer and they were doing treatments and the treatments were taking everything out of them. He was so sad and he wanted to do something naturally to help. He did research and found that there is a fruit that supposedly helps kill cancerous cells. He said he found it and made fruit smoothies for her with the fruit and berries and it helped her through her treatments and that the doctors said she was progressively doing better and better each week. She wasn’t as tired as when she wasn’t drinking the drink and she beat it. Before we hung up the phone he said “You know I’m not really a guy that that is too into the whole holistic beliefs and stuff like that but it helped her, maybe it could help you. If I know something that could help I’m not just going to keep it to myself so I hope it helps”.


So, here we are, week two of Radiation Therapy (Thank you to everyone who has gotten in contact with me to make sure I'm doing/feeling fine. I swear my life is made every time someone reaches out to me). Wait, rewind. The first Friday of my treatments, I drove to Indiana (the state) with my two good friends Kate and Kailah. We stayed until Monday and drove back that afternoon. From Friday to Monday I didn’t have one vitamin shake or fruit smoothie. Sunday night/Monday I was feeling it. My jaw was in pain. I slept the entire way home from Indiana (shout out to Kate and Kailah for driving us home, and getting us home at a decent hour). Tuesday my head was metro boomin’! My mouth also had sores. Like in the back of my throat and on both sides of my tongue. I actually popped a perc at work because it was so bad. Did you know you're not supposed to do that? Yeah aaalll the pain was gone but, I was already tired to begin with, and that made me 10 times more tired. I looked Chinese trying to keep my eyes open while doing my work. I was so tired that I drove home (yeah I know, I’m crazy, but we already knew that) and as soon as I parked I slept in my car for an hour.


The next morning, I woke up just fine. No pain, I wasn’t tired, yeah I had like a sore in my mouth but that was it. I had a dentist appointment that day. OMG, Let me tell ya’ll about that.


So my dentist told me that the next time I come, to take my prosthetic out an hour before I get to his office. Now I knew this wasn’t going to be a good visit because I KNEW, I, JUST, KNEW he was going to try to shove this thing down my throat after an hour of being out. If I leave it out for more than 15 minutes the hole closes so much that the prosthetic wont fit. I didn’t see him for two hours. TWO HOURS. He told me to put the prosthetic in and I tried, but it didn’t fit. I was getting frustrated because I knew it wasn’t going to fit. I was like “here, you do it”. As soon as I handed him the prosthetic I felt the tears swell up in my eyes. He tried pushing that thing in and it, would. Not. Go. I started crying and shit. He’s like, “Don’t cry, you’re going to make me cry”. Then he stopped and got to hacking on my prosthetic. He took off more than half of it. Like before it looked like a retainer with a BIG hump on it. Now it looks like a retainer. Before you could see it if I opened my mouth, now you have to look up at the roof of my mouth. Before I could feel it every time I swallowed, now I don’t and you know what, I like to swallow now *pause*. Before I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all. I was congested all the time. Now, I can breathe fine! The prosthetic before was obstructing my breathing. Before I sounded like my normal self with a stuffy nose. Now I sound like a cartoon character. That’s the only down side of having the new prosthetic. If you want to hear what I sound like, check out the latest episode of The Officially Street Podcast.


So yeah, that was Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I was normal. Saturday and Sunday, normal. Ya wana know why? Because I drink those drinks every day. Sooooo shout out to Cedric and Kory for putting me on.  Ya'll the real MVPs or whatever. 


Okay, I’m no doctor or anything and it’s not like this shit is proven. I just know that when I didn’t take my drinks when I was in Indiana after a few days of not taking them I felt like shit. I’ve been taking them everyday and I feel fine. Now I do have a few sores in my mouth, but they feel like healing sores. I can feel that they are there, but they don’t bother me when I eat. Speaking of eating, I’ve lost more than half of my taste buds. I was at Kate’s for dinner and I felt like I didn’t taste anything when we were eating dinner. Then, the next day I made some Texas Toast and I was like damn, this taste like cardboard. They go in and out though because I made some toast today and I could taste it. I can also taste sweet stuff (guess who’s getting some ice cream and caaakkkeeee for dinneeerrrr. Perks of being a grownup).


So yeah overall, week two was good besides Monday and Tuesday. I vow to drink my drinks every day for the rest of forever. Again, shout out to Cedric and Kory for puttin’ me on game.


A few weeks ago, I had left church and I was on the phone with this guy. Out of nowhere a kid came up to me and was like somethin, somethin, somethin, I’m so and so somethin, somethin. I’m like what? He said he raps, he’s a comedian, and some other stuff I couldn’t understand because he was talking too fast. So I told the guy on the phone that I would call him back. I talked to the kid for maybe 5 minutes. He showed me his app, his ig (follow him @jodyyobro, he's dope) and he rapped for my IG story. He was cool. Anyways, I got in the car and I called the guy back and I’m like yea, this kid stopped me to talk to me about stuff he does. He showed me his app and he rapped for my IG story. Y'all want to know what this nigga said? This, nigga, said,


“you hung up with me to have a kid rap to you, are you serious”.


I fucking wish, ya’ll could have seen my face when I heard that. I wish HE could have seen my face when I heard that. I was like “yeah”. I really don’t even know what he said after that because I was so annoyed. Like one, idgaf if you’re Barack Obama, if I’m doing something I’m going to hang up the phone and call you back when I'm not busy. Two, this kid is 16, that would be SO wrong to just shoot him down. This kid (and I’m sorry I keep calling you a kid because I know you’re going to read this, my bad) spends all of his time promoting his brand, way more time than me and this guy work in one week. I can take 5 minutes of my day to hear some bars. Oh, I remember, he was like blah blah, he’s not going to be a rapper LaShondra, do you know how hard it is to get in the game?


I got so hot. “You a psychic? Because you know what he’s capable of, right. Because you listened to my IG story that I posted 4 minutes ago? You telling me that the industry is hard to get into? So fuck my dreams of being on the radio right? If that’s what you think about the industry, I know you don’t support what the fuck it is I do”. Omg I was hot. I was so hot. I had to hang up.




Especially because this kid is 16. Like that really got me mad. After thinking about it for about a month, it’s still sitting with me. There are probably people who’s dreams are being shot down everyday and really, we need to stop doing that. You don’t know someone’s destiny.  Not to mention, this is what makes someone happy. This is what fills their hearts. People have put blood sweat and tears into their crafts, why shoot them down? Lift them up! Frfr if you are going to do that all you are showing them and everybody else is that you're a hater. And I’m not talking about with just music, but art, writing, dance, fashion, cooking, small business, all of that.


Is it going to hurt to listen to your friend’s music for 4 minutes? Go to their performances. Your commute to work is 30 minutes, listen to their podcast. Half of it on the way to work, the other half on the way home. Or at the gym! Share shit on social media! If you can share fights, you can damn sure share a song, blog post, picture, vote for them for a contest, go to their events, something! Damn! I guess the point I’m hoping to get across is to not shoot people down when they are doing what they love. Don't put that negative energy into the air. Don't send them those negative vibes. 


Support your friends. Not fake support, but real support. Pleaseeeeeeeeee *@richdollarz_ voice*.



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