The Cleaning

November 19, 2018

Hey ya'll! This is going to be a short one. I’m writing to tell you that I finally, finally, FINALLY got my teeth cleaned. It was such a hard process really. I’ve been trying to go to the dentist since August and nobody would take me (its November). They always had some excuse and honestly I was feeling discriminated against. I think they were nervous because my situation is different.


When someone finally would see me their supervisor said they needed some sort of clearance.

Well, shout out to my primary care doctor who came to the rescue and wrote the clearance for me. She also prescribed for me to be on a 7 day antibiotic. I think what people were worried about was me getting sick since it’s an open area and bacteria would be flying around during the cleaning. I don’t know, I just made that up, but it sounds right.


Getting my teeth cleaned was kind of awkward. First, I thought I was going to be with the hygienist that I was with the last time; the one who just looked in my mouth, BUT they had me with someone completely different. For this story I'm going to call him Nom. That threw me for a loop. One reason it took me a little while to go to the dentist was because I’m self conscious about people seeing the inside of my mouth and hearing me talk without my obturator. More of people hearing me talk than seeing it. So when Nom called me back I was like, "wait a minute *Joe Budden Voice*, where’s my friend?"

I found out she had moved to another department. Gail was there and she brought my chart to Nom. It made me feel a little more at ease knowing she was there, since she had been working with me since before my surgery. So Nom called me back and I think "well, I guess I have to do this". I didn’t even know how to tell him what was going on in my mouth. I’m like "sooo I’m missing the roof of my mouth and like 4 teeth."

I don’t think he understood because he went to do an x ray and was trying to make me hold the thing in my mouth and I’m like “there’s nothing there to hold it with sir. This is going in my noseeee. This is uncomfortableeeeeeeeee”.  Even when I was holding it on the other side where there are teeth, I still couldn’t hold it because it was going up to my brain. I was getting so overwhelmed I wanted to cry. But I didn’t, so that’s good.


Now that I think about it, maybe he couldn’t understand me when I was telling him what I was going through. I don’t know, but getting an X Ray was terrible and I hope I don’t have to do that again. The cleaning part was good though. Nom was like "ummm you don’t have much going on in here". I wanted to make a joke and say "well yeah, I'm missing so much, duh", but I don’t think that would have been appropriate.


So the cleaning went well, but I do have a cavity 🙄. Just a small one. I think it’s so small you could barely see it in the X Ray. When the dentist was checking my teeth he went right past it until some air hit it and I moved because it felt weird. Then he checked the X Ray and told me I have a cavity. Hopefully he's not running games on me. So I have to get a filling in January and I am NOT looking forward to that. I don’t know why I googled it, but now I'm scared.


Other than that, everything is going well. My job is going great. They just sent us to Las Vegas for a conference at the end of October. I learned so much and made some great connections. I'm really happy about that. 

Stuff is going well with the podcast as well. We were guests on the Talkin Shit Podcast which was so fun and we've had a few awesome guests as well on our show.

Check out our latest episode:  The Officially Street Podcast Episode 175 


I don’t have a motivational story for this post. Just, you know the same old stuff:


-Don’t let other people or things get you down

-When bad things happen don’t harp on them, accept it and move on

-Stop worrying about shit. When you worry you’re just putting that negative energy in the air and manifesting the situation

-Focus on the things you CAN change

-Be persistent

-Have faith






Until next time 💕 





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